About Tungsten


We are a passionate and driven team based in Toronto.

Meet The Team

Beyond the pilot pursuits of Tungsten, we envision a future in which wireless electricity can be transferred efficiently and affordably to everyone in the world in a decentralized way to incentivize the creation of more renewable energy projects and effectively phases out the need for a centralized grid.

We’re working towards a future where even something traditionally centralized like energy can be provided at competitive prices, bringing more producers into the sector.


Alexander Yevchenko

Passionate about quantum computing for finance and creating projects with impact.

At Tungsten, I'm working to make electricity access a reality for people across the world. Having personal experience with energy poverty, I know just how much of a difference sufficient power can make.


Anya Singh

Currently working in the blockchain/crypto space building projects focused on changing education in developing countries by paying people to learn. With Tungsten, I want to use a combination of blockchain, crypto and IoT to create a network of devices that can efficiently facilitate electricity transfer over long distances. At the end of the day, properly incentivizing people to contribute to the greater good of universal electricity access is what Tungsten hopes to do in the next few years.

Avneesh Verma

Quantum computing enthusiast researching the potential applications of QC in logistics. Energy is the key to the development of modern societies. That's why I'm passionate about Tungsten's vision—because everyone deserves access to electricity.


Ella Ceroni

Working at the intersection of quantum computing and chemistry - specifically with it’s applications in pharmaceutical development. I am thrilled to be an early member of Tungsten, as, with our technology, we strive to witness a dramatic global decline in energy poverty. With utmost confidence, I can say that my fellow founders and myself all strive for ground breaking impact; one wireless pylon at a time.